ACAS Location (Pico Del Este)

Ideal for the study of aerosol/cloud interactions over extended periods of time, part of El Yunque National Forest, protected by the USDA Forest Service

Pico del Este (1051 m asl, 18o 16' N, 65o 45' W) mountain top station at El Yunque National Forest, Puerto Rico

  1. Located in a tropical montane cloud forest, one of the most sensitive and vulnerable of the world’s ecosystems to climate change.
  2. Frequently above cloud base, thus facilitating the study of clouds without the need for aircraft and their related complexity and costs
  3. Clouds form under the influence of air masses from many different origins
  4. Cloud properties are tied to air mass origins
  5. Long lifetimes of clouds provide ideal measurement conditions


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ACAS was developed in order to help fellow researcher and scientist all over the world in their respective projects. Allowing the user to request access into our databases.

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